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      1. Trolley Jack 2T - RH201

        Availability: In stock
        Lightweight 2 ton trolley jack : the ideal portable jack for the boot suited for break-down service on the road and in workshops
        Very light aluminium jack
        Ideal for break-down service
        Short 2 piece handle bar
        For easy transport the jack is equipped with 3 carrying handles
        Fast stroke with double pump
        Saddle plate protection with rubber cover
        Lever with protective sponge to prevent scratches on car bodies
        More Information
        Dimension A 375 mm
        Capacity 2 ton(s)
        Net weight 20.5
        Model RH201
        SKU 8951000003
        EAN 4030178844485
        Dimension F 285 mm
        Wheel type Nylon
        Dimension G 320 mm
        Dimension E 155 mm
        Tool category Trolley jacks / Floor jacks
        Dimension D2 1820 mm
        Dimension D 695 mm
        Dimension C 460 mm
        Dimension B 85 mm


        Safety instructions & safety data sheets


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