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      1. Impact wrench 1/2" - RC2277

        Extreme toughness: Best quality materials combined with strong design, merging all Rodcraft know-how
        Ergonomic: New handle shape with “BEAST” grip
        Low and perfectly balanced weight
        Reference for power: From its first version, the BEAST is the most powerful ?” tool in its class
        Availability: In stock
        The new Beast: Torque monster with best ergonomics
        More durable: New motor in light steel construction. More robust than aluminium at the same weight
        Easier operation with one hand
        full start-up control through sensitive switch: 3 power levels for tightening, full power for loosening
        More robust for the toughest applications: Aluminum housing with reinforced motor end plate provides protection against shock and impact
        More ergonomic: User-friendly composite handle for perfect handling in the proven "Beast" design
        More Information
        Manufacturer Rodcraft
        Min. hose size 10 mm
        Sound pressure 94 db(A)
        Sound Power 104 db(A)
        Height 188 mm
        Socket retainer ring
        Clutch type DUOPACT
        Air inlet thread size 1/4 "
        SKU 8951000349
        Model RC2277
        Square drive 1/2 "
        Width 70 mm
        Average air consumption 148 l/mn
        EAN 4028203832651
        Tool category TopImpact
        European Standards EN ISO 11148-6:2013
        Power/weight ratio Nm/kg 650
        Free speed rpm 8200
        Maximum Torque (reverse) Nm 1300
        Length mm 194
        Working Torque Range (fwd) 60 - 900 Nm
        Net weight 2
        Vibration K (ISO-28927-2) 2.2 m/s2
        Vibration α (ISO-28927-2) 7.8 m/s2


        Exploded view


        Operators manual


        Safety instructions & safety data sheets