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      1. Trolley Jack 2.5T - RH216

        High lifting capacity of 2.5T
        Low profile and high stroke (75mm - 500mm)
        User-independent maximum safety
        Availability: In stock
        High lifting capacity, low profile and maximum safety
        2.5T trolley jack designed for lifting a wide range of standard vehicles
        75 mm minimum height and 500 mm achievable elevation
        Controlled descent speed under load, even if release valve is 100% open
        Fast lifting stroke due to two pump pistons
        Foot pedal for fast approach
        Smooth oil and acid resistant plastic wheels
        Rubber saddle protects vehicle surfaces and prevents slipping
        Foam-coated handle prevents damage to the vehicle body
        More Information
        Capacity 2 1/2 ton(s)
        SKU 8951000388
        Tool category Trolley jacks Range
        Model RH216
        Wheel type Nylon
        Net weight 32
        Dimension F 260 mm
        Dimension E 150 mm
        Dimension D2 1810 mm
        Dimension D 685 mm
        Dimension C 500 mm
        Dimension B 75 mm
        Dimension A 425 mm
        Dimension G 345 mm


        Exploded view



        Operators manual


        Safety instructions & safety data sheets