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      1. Screwdriver 1/4" hex - RC4784

        Efficient fastening/unfastening of variation of screws at high speed
        Compact for confined areas
        Availability: In stock
        Lightweight, good control and externally adjustable
        Lightweight thanks to composite material
        Ergonomic rubber handle
        Precise adjustable speed up to 1770 rpm
        Also for use with balancer
        The tool offers 3 possible connections to compressed air supply
        To use upper or side air inlet pls. use model AR1 or regulateable swivel joint DG1R for regulating incoming air
        Quick coupler for screw driver bits
        Forward / reverse switch
        More Information
        Tool category Screwdrivers
        SKU 8951073023
        Model RC4784
        EAN 4030178470066
        Free speed rpm 1770
        Length mm 165
        Sound pressure 80.3 db(A)
        Average air consumption 440 l/mn
        Output drive 1/4" Fem.Hex QC
        Actual air consumption 9.9 l/s
        Diameter 45 mm
        Min working torque 1 Nm
        Max working torque 6 Nm
        Actual air consumption 595 l/mn
        Net weight 0.92
        Average air consumption 7.3 l/s
        Height 160 mm
        Clutch type Roller/Cushion
        Vibration α (ISO-28927-2) < 2,5 m/s2
        Sound Power 91.3 db(A)
        Min. hose size 8 mm
        Air inlet thread size 1/4 "


        Operators manual


        Safety instructions & safety data sheets